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3=2 discover the Prealps and Veneto Region
Asolo offerta hotel autunno
3=2 discover the Prealps and Veneto Region

The colours and flavours of Autumn with a special deal: special offer hotel Valdobbiadene, hotel Feltre and Hotel Asolo, best hotel deal.

Do you want to spend a few days holiday at a really special rate, enjoying one of the areas less explored in Veneto, but really suggestive? Then take advantage of our best hotel deal visiting Asolo, Feltre and the Prosecco Land.

Stay at Hotel Tegorzo for at least 3 nights and we will give you one for free. Here are some suggestions on how to spend these 3 days.

  • Visiting Prosecco Cellars

    • Day 1: After a delicious buffet breakfast, head towards Valdobbiadene for a visit to some Prosecco Valdobbiadene and Conegliano wine cellars (we suggest the Gemin Spumanti cellar and other cellars where you can taste Prosecco and Cartizze), walking amongst vineyards in the hills of Valdobbiadene and visit the Osteria Senz’Oste, visit the Abbey of Follina and return to the hotel.
      Day 2: Visit to the wineries of Prosecco del Montello and Colli Asolani (we recommend a visit to Bele Casel or to the winery of Ida Agnoletti) a tour to discover the city with 100 horizons, Asolo, and return with a visit to the Temple of the Canova in Possagno.
      Day 3: Do not miss a tasting of wines produced in the Belluno Province: visit to the cellar Biasiotto.
  • The most beautiful borghes of Italy
    • Day 1: Departure towards Cornuda for a visit to Villa Barbaro of Maser, continue towards the Asolo hills and visit to Asolo. In the afternoon visit Bassano del Grappa with the famous Alpine Bridge.
      Day 2: Visit the Feltrino and the Belluno region. In the morning visit to the old town of Feltre with a stop to Pedavena to enjoy a fresh beer of the centenary! In the afternoon, however, continue in the direction of Belluno with the afternoon spent in the center of the capital.
      Day 3: Castelfranco Veneto, Conegliano are other centers not to be missed and to visit the first or last day, depending on the way you go for your return home.

We can help you organize your 3 days in Veneto to discover the beauty of Asolo, Feltre and the Prosecco hills with the best hotel deal.

Book now your room by clicking here: Offer valid from September 24 to December 23 for overnight stays on the weekend.

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