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Hotel Tegorzo – A centenarian History

Piave river, in its from the mountains to the Adriatic Sea, marks indelibly moments of history, culture and life in the territories where it flows. Hotel Tegorzo is located few meters from it shores.

In Fener the two sides of Piave River are joined by a bridge: Tegorzo bridge. In the Dolomite mountain setting, the Feltre area extend its lands at the border with Treviso Province, with its charme and wonderful views and landscapes.

In this particular and specific area with this strange name

It was obvious that in this specific area with this particular name will arise an activity that bind to the same name: Hotel Tegorzo Restaurant.

The First World War and Hotel Tegorzo

The first building was destroyed by the bombings of First World War and remains only a pinnacle and ruins, also in the town of Fener.

The people, rude and stubborn, with a strong nature don’t give up and also the Hotel Tegorzo, starts again and become a restaurant “ristorante de tola”, in other words a restaurant made with woods as you can see in the picture of the period that illustrates the structure with its beautiful plaque and next precisely what that was left by the destruction.

An incredible history for this restaurant during his life, because after the first demolition of 15/18 suffered of other two, equally devastating destructions, but everytime reborned each time more beautiful than before.

It has been almost 50 years since the brothers Gerlin, Silvano and Armando bought Hotel Tegorzo: Silvano at the welcome and Armando leading the kitchen.

The different hotel Tegorzo renovations

Over the years, the entrepreneurial quality of the brothers brought the two brothers to the decision of demolish the hotel to make it more efficient, allowing Gerlin family to satisfy their quality of hoteliers and restaurateurs.

In the last year, after the creation of Europe, Gerlin family is not satisfied, they had to prefect the improved.

So they took down everything again: bulldozers, cranes, cement and iron, lot of iron, they have to make sure the whole building, so the projects growe with the most extensive seismic guarantees, better services and comfortables spaces.

Major and large commitments for the two brothers who for forty years as well as from the blood are also united in the career path of their lives and today they are also comforted the presence of their respective sons, Renzo, Francesca and Alessandra, who together make a genuine task force.


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