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The Piave and the fishing


All 220 km of the Piave River are in the Veneto region. The sources are at 2040 metres above sea level in Sappada, between Mount Peralba and Mount Chiadenis. The prefect of the Republic of Venice had the course of the river diverted by blocking the existing mouths so that it would not carry too much detritus into the lagoon. It now flows into the sea in Cortellazzo, near Jesolo. Ever since ancient times, it was used to transport wood from the Belluno area downstream.

The Piave is known as the “Sacred River of the Nation” because during the First World War it was a combat zone that witnessed a number of battles. After the Italians were defeated in the Battle of Caporetto, the Piave became a

key line of defence that the German and Austrian armies never truly managed to break. The enemy was vanquished in the Battle of Vittorio Veneto in 1918 and the Piave took on iconic status.

Fly fishing on the Piave

Enjoying fishing and the Piave is a great way to spend a holiday. The municipalities near our hotel are part of the No. 10 “Feltre Water” Fishing Area, which also covers a fish farm in Schievenin with three tanks that provide ideal growing conditions for brown trout fry. In addition, part of the farm is used for raising marble trout fry.

The most significant species that can be found in the Piave in our local area include brown and marble trout, silver carp, numerous chub and barbel (including some very big ones).

Spending a few days in the various fishing spots is an ideal way for keen anglers to relax and have fun while the rest of the family enjoy themselves sunbathing and playing in the water on another stretch of the river or visiting the magnificent towns nearby.


I – Tegorzo Stream from the first bridge downstream from the confluence of the Tegorzo and the Tegorzino to the bridge by the picnic area, and from the red bridge to the confluence with the Piave

N – Brentella Hydroelectric Canal

R – Calcino Stream

V – Piave River from the confluence with the Sonna Stream to the rocks in Carpen

W – Piave River from the rocks in Carpen to the Scalon tunnel near Quero Vas


Catch & Release Area

O-Piave River from the Scalon tunnel near Quero Vas to approximately 1,500 metres downstream from the Quero Vas footbridge (start of ballast)

Trophy Areas

P – Piave River from approximately 1,500 metres downstream from the Quero Vas footbridge to the provincial boundary

“No Kill” Areas

J – Tegorzo Stream, from the sources (Tegorzo and Tegorzino) to the first bridge downstream from the confluence of the two branches Click here to see where you can buy licences.

Piantina Zone di Pesca bacino 10

Here you can find the ticket office where you can buy the licenses.

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