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Climbing in Valle di Schievenin

Over 400 routes for climbing on the cliffs at different levels in Valle di Schievenin

Climbing Valle di Schievenin is renewed for its routes that let climbers of all levels to climb the cliffs of different types and difficulties. Over than 400 routes are available and used by Treviso and Venezia climbing schools to train their students.

The climb in Valle di Schievenin is an experience to live for the beauty of the nature and landscapes but also to taste the typical cousine of the area and to drink good wines!

You can find lots of routes with classical characteristics and difficulties, technical vertical plates, sheer walls of resistance, roofs all without evident handhold. The climb with the view is common to all the routes and this is more pleasant but also more difficult.

The routes opened along the cliffs are called with creative names like Placche del Sole, Torrione dell’Orto, Pellicano, Torrione Trinità, Parete della Lavagna.

The best periods to climb that we suggest are Spring and Autumn but the routes are opened all year.

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