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Italian Craft Beers
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Small craft breweries in Belluno and Treviso Provinces: craft beer for all tastes!

The Province of Belluno and especially the Province of Treviso are well know for the Prosecco, the sparkling white wine, but in the last period in the same areas are grown lots of craft breweries that are improving, year after year, their craft beers.

Have a look to the craft breweries of Veneto and in particular of Belluno and Treviso Provinces that you can visit during your stay at Hotel Tegorzo:

Small craft breweries in Belluno Province:

  • Birrificio di Quero: born in the 2010 this brewery, 2 kilometers far from our hotel offers different lager beers, special and ale produced with water from Schievenin spring and ingredients from Feltre area. The “Schievenin”, The “Birra di Quero”, “Dolomiele”, “Birra di Natale”, “Birra degli Alpini”, “Dog’s Bridge”, “Auzat”, “Xocolat” are their craft beers.
  • Artebirraria: born in the 1996 produce craft beer following the traditional method, with product of medium/high level, in the municipality of Rasai di Seren del Grappa. “Birra Mazarol”, dedicated to a legendary mischievous elf, “Birra Borlotta”, mixed with beans, “Birra San Martino”, mixed with chestnuts and “Birra Sponcio”, mixed with conr from Cesiomaggiore. Moreover they produce a lager premium beer, a Wien amber beer and a beer with chocolate flavour.
  • Birra Pedavena: the brewery founded in the 1897 in Pedavena, in the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park, is one the best craft breweries of Veneto Region. The craft beers are made only with local water and with ingredients of first quality. Birra del Centenario is one of the beer you have to taste, a special lager thought for the first 100 years of the brewery. The products of Birra Dolomiti present a pils, a double malt, a dark, a special, a double malt dark and a non filtered beer that born from a project of integrated supply chain from local companies, with water and barley produced in Belluno Province. They produce also a superior beer, Birra Pedavena, Birra Pedavena Premium and gluten free.

Small craft breweries in Treviso Province:

  • 32 Via dei Birrai: this brewery, with its headquarter in Pederobba and born in the 2006, has followed the road of innovation of beers and packaging. It’s certified slowBrewing and use belgian GMO hops, meanwhile the malt comes from Belgium, Britain and Germany. The triple seal of the bottle, with shrink capsule, crowne cap and silicon cap is the trademark of the brewery and need to preserve in the best way the beer. They produce high fermented beers fermented in the bottle.
    • “Curmi” (5,8 % vol. alc.) is a fresh white beer made with spelt characterized by a slight carbonation, light acidity due to spices.
    • “Oppale” (5.5% vol. Alc.- type: bitter ale) is devoted to hops and malt.
    • “Audace” (8.4% vol. Alc. – Type: strong spicy blonde) offers canned fruit aromas combined with a pungent peppery.
    • “Nebra” (8.0% vol. Alc. – Type: amber beer), a double malt amber craft beer, with a delicate flavor.
    • “Admiral” (6.5% vol. Alc. – Type: red ale) ruby-colored is produced only in autumn and winter. Results from a combination of hops cultivated in Belgium along the English Channel and destined for the British market, lightly roasted colored malts and spices.
    • “Nectar” (8% vol. Alc.) Honey and chestnut beer of the Monte Grappa.
    • “Atra” (7.2% vol. Alc. – Type: meditation) standing out from a recipe created with numerous dark malts and bitter little present.
    • “TRE + TWO” (3.2% vol. Alc.), a light spicy beer fermented in the bottle.
  • Birrificio Acelum: a craft brewery born in 2010 that produce high fermentation beers: Duse, Freya, Delizia, Twenty, Anarkica, Bela Lugosi, Bitter, R.I.P. and Mastro Birraio, honey craft beer.
  • M’anis: small craft brewery in Montebelluna that produces different beers with particular attention to the supply chain. M’ANIS represents 5 sensens and produces 6 craft beers: “M’ANIS 8.6”, “M’ANIS 7.3”, “M’ANIS 5.5”, “M’ANIS 5.0”, “M’ANIS 3.9” and “M’ANIS MUSIC 4.5”. Another brewery to visit.
  • Habemus: In Montebelluna you can find also Habemus that produces “terzo tempo” hell style, blond low fermentation beer, “Zeppelin” marzen style, amber low fermentation beer, “Royal mile” scottish ale, high fermentation dark beer, “Smoke ‘n rool”, peated ale, “thunder hop”, american pale ale and “Scura” stout.

These are only some of the craft breweries that is possible to visit and where is possible to buy good craft beer. Are you ready for an holiday discovering the world of beers?